We import two different materials for the manufacture of

liners for tanks. Both the materials are exclusive to Steelfab
Water Solutions.

0.55 Potable Aquatex PV C

  • thick PVC material
       made especially for Australian and other harsh climatic
  • Tougher than any other PVC; stretches but is not prone to
       shrinking as all soft compound ones are;
  • Harder to puncture; and
  • Can be repaired under water with a simple glue-on patch.

0.8 Duplex UV Stable PV C

  • UV stable material used when the UV exposure is high or in harsher environments. It is not for potable water;
  • As a laminated product it is a very strong and hard wearing material for Australian conditions.
  • We have made and installed liners up to 20m in diameter and 6m high. We have the ability to go to site to measure, manufacture and install with a minimum of down time; and
  • With PVC theweld is the strongest part of our liner, not the weakest like woven materials or HDPE/LDPE materials.

Why PVC?

PVC (poly Vinyl Chloride) is:

  • 1.8 times the strength of HDPE/LDPE — our 0.55 is equivalent to    1.0mm material;
  • Our 0.8 is equal to 1.5mm but as our material is so flexible it    conforms to any shape or contour — no folds or creases to catch on    equipment;
  • PVC takes higher and lower temperatures than HDPE/LDPE;
  • PVC is permanently repairable wet or dry without special tools or    training;
  • PVC is the only material that truly welds together. The weld    penetrates right through the material, not just the top surfaces as    with layered materials.