Domestic Water Tanks

A reliable safe water storage tank is one of the most important items you will ever invest in, after all we cannot live without clean water! At Steelfab we really understand this and that is why we have used our design expertise and the very best materials to develop our standard domestic ranges Aquadome water tanks.

With our commitment to providing tanks that are of a high quality, cost effective and have longevity we have produced our extensive range of water storage tanks. The Aquadome and Statesman ranges of water tanks are available in a wide range of sizes and colors and are back by our steel-clad Pro-Rata warranty that covers parts and labor.

These tanks are designed to all relevant Australian Standards and rated for the storage of potable or drinking water. This means that you can have complete peace of mind when you invest in a Steelfab water tank.

The following accessories are standard on all our domestic water tanks:
▪ 50mm outlet with full flow poly ball valve
▪ 50mm fire outlet with full flow poly ball valve and camlock adaptor
▪ 50mm overflow with PVC overflow pipe to ground level and away from the tank 1metre
▪ Sliding access hatch fitted to the roof
▪ Steel filter box with sliding covers and insect proof screen
▪ Roof mounted whirly bird ventilator
▪ Edge flashing to roof sheeting for safety and to provide a neat finish and appearance
▪ Bolt cover caps to all tank bolts
▪ Hot Dip Galvanized trusses for longevity of the roof support system

All of these fittings and accessories are of the highest quality to ensure longevity and reliability.Steelfab Water Solutions are the only company to manufacture our own solid liner in-house to Australian Standards AS4020; Drinking Water. The superior quality of our liner gives you complete peace of mind as it secures your water better than any other liner can. It’s strong and flexible, with a 250% stretch factor. The Steelfab Water Solutions design team is available to assist with the design of your catchment system. When relying on rain water for your total water supply, the catchment system to collect the rain water and get it into your new Steelfab water tank is a critical part of the overall system.

Our design team will assist you with the design of this system as part of our service to our clients. Working with you and your drawings or sketches of your property we will design the most efficient system for your property. This is a no-charge service for our valued customers.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you, please contact a Steelfab Water Solutions specialist today. You may send your email enquiry at [email protected] or call us on +61 8 9295 6045 or 1800 685 551 (for AU residents only).