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The Aquadome was designed and built to withstand Australia’s harsh climate conditions.
We purposefully designed a water tank that would not only withstand the extreme weather temperatures, but was robust enough to take what ever the Wild West could throw at it. The stringently engineered Aquadome water tank gave Australian farmers and rural property owners a safe, reliable water storage product that has greater strength, with minimal liner movement. We are proud to have achieved two very important objectives, structural integrity and minimal movement of the liner. The Aquadome water storage tank an Australian success story, that helps preserve life and is an icon on the Australian landscape.


Farmers and rural property owners wanted larger capacity water storage;
In the early 1990’s, we responded to the needs of Farmers who wanted large capacity water storage. ‘we met that need” The Aquadome which offers a total capacity of 10 million litres is more than double the capacity that most of our competitors are able to offer. With evaporation being a major problem for dams, many farmers have now safely secured their water with a Steelfab water solution large capacity rural water tanks. Water storage must be safe and reliable, and we are proud to say that now, many thousands of people around Australia have entrusted the safe keeping of their water with our product. We pride ourselves on making sure our customers have peace of mind with their water storage.


How important is your water? We place a very high importance on saving rural water and only use a liner that is capable of being repaired while either wet or dry. It paramount to us that people in rural or remote areas know that in the possible event of a leakage, that there liner can be repaired without having to lose too much water.  We service remote areas across Australia and regularly travel to this area’s to build our rural water storage tanks, as well as repairing other tank manufacturer’s water tanks, liners and towers.


In rural area’s, Its now becoming more common to see multiple large capacity storage water tanks on properties especially where there is plenty of rain water catchment from multiple shed roof’s. The main reason for this is that it is far more cost effective and affordable to install four 250,000 Litre tanks compared with the cost of installing a single 1,000,000 Litre tank. The other advantage of doing this is that you can always start with one tank and add to it when you are ready. Often people think if there hasn't been much rain, why? Get a larger rural water tank? The truth is that eventually the rain will come and it than that you need to store it. It’s important to store as much as possible, when you get the chance. “You can never have too much water”

25 year pro-rata warranty

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